FAST 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Solid Life Church Daily Blog by Sherri Fisher

It is the 12th day of the fast, I am doing the Daniel's Fast, I really wanted to do the full fast, but due to medical conditions, I am not allowed to completely fast.  Those of you who have been on the full fast, I AM IN AWE OF YOU!!
It is amazing how we crave what we are missing out on.....
I can't have meat, or sweets etc., you would think that I was being completely deprived of food.

It made my heart hurt today and pause to think....why do I not crave the things of the Lord like this? Why do I not yearn for and crave my time with the Lord when I miss it? Why do I not feel starved when I have not spent enough time in prayer?

Lord, that is my desire that I would physically and emotionally long for if I had been deprived of Your presence. Just that realization was a great awakening for my heart that this fast has brought.

Thank you Lord, for visiting me and speaking to my heart....


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  1. Thanks Sherri for this wonderful reminder of being hungry for more of God. I too can relate and have asked the Lord to help me to remember to realize I'm starving when I miss out of time with the Lord!