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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Solid Life Church Daily Blog by Cary Yocum

Day 5

Today was a good day! I was traveling this week which always lends itself to some great reflection time and interesting conversations with total strangers.

On a side note:  An airport is not the best place to be there is food everywhere...and people eating it everywhere!

Anyway....I was waiting on my plane when I was approached by a woman who proceeded to ask me about the Bible app on my phone. I told her all about it and showed her my reading plan (SOAP). She was amazed. She even said "I never knew people read the WHOLE Bible anymore". I told her about our church and how we have committed to reading God's word together. She asked me where the church was cause she wanted to come visit. I told her Castle Pines, Colorado and she laughed out loud, as she realized she is in an airport and I could be heading anywhere (she was from Minneapolis...which is where I was flying out of).

That is what I soooooo want for Solid Life. A church where people from all over...want to go to...if anything...just to experience the deep relationship they can have with their Father. Our example of being in a close relationship with God is what is going to draw others to Him.

Let's continue to be that church!



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  1. Sooooooo good, Cary! i love this! It's exactly what we desire Solid Life to be and thats a place where they can experience unconditional love not only from God but from the relationships that are built among all who attend!