FAST 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Solid Life Church Blog by Jessica Farias

Solid Life Church daily blog by Jessica Farias
Day 16 …
Breathe on me again
I want to know You
I want to see You face to face my Lord
Breathe on me again
Jesus embrace me
I’m desperate for your touch
This chorus completely describes how I’ve been feeling during this fast.  During the fast our bodies have been eliminating things (not to be too gross or graphic!).  Our bodies, through prayer and fasting, have also eliminated things that the Holy Spirit wanted to get rid of – things that we allowed in that should never have been allowed into our lives.  I’m desperate, yes desperate, to never go backward in my life.  I’m desperate to daily feel a fresh touch of God on my life.  I’m desperate to share this with other people.  I guess what I’m feeling is a desperation for God like I haven’t felt in a long time.  
This is the last week of the fast.  I’ve had some precious times with my Abba Father during the fast.  It’s my choice now to continue those precious times with Him and not let what happened during the fast end.

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