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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Day seven of our fast  -

I am doing a modified Daniel fast and so far so good!! I am learning a lot and my mind and thoughts are more aware of the Lords presence in my life. I find myself asking the questions "Am I giving enough to the Lord? Is it what He would have me give? Am I really sacrificing?" He has done so much for I doing my part? Todays reading in Luke 15 speaks very cleary of Gods interest in chasing after the "lost" and being overjoyed when that which is lost is "returned". If you are like me, I have "lost" many things in my life....a job, a loved one, a relationship, an opportunity, a chance to forgive, a chance to love, an opportunity to make a differance. I feel and sense that God is speaking very cleary that His desire is not only to see the lost return to Him, but also that which has been lost be returned to those that love Him and call Him Lord! I am finding that as I return to Him and the things that He calls me to, He is faithful in His restoration and replinishment of those things in my life that were "lost".  I am overwhelmed with His blessing in my life the past few weeks!!  He is faithful!  Much like when I was a kid at grade school and had to make several trips to the "lost and found" box, I have likewise visited the Lords "lost and found" box where I have found much joy, surpises, blessings and restoration. What is it that you have lost? I pray that the Lord of Blessing and "return" grant you the desires of your heart as you seek Him...

As I read my scriptures and did my S.O.A.P. Thursday morning.  The 3rd verse jumped off the page to my heart in reading:  “Then the Lord said Return….”  One of the greatest things that have been revealed to my heart so far during this fast is that God is really telling me to RETURN…  Return to what He has previously called me to.

Return to the giftings and ministry that He laid on my heart years ago.  This brings excitement and fear to my heart all at once!  If He calls me, I know He will strengthen me and equip me to fulfill that call.  What an awesome thing, when we set ourselves aside in fasting, I have found so often that it is ourselves that He speaks to us about.  Either what He wants to do in us or what He wants to do through us….

You are awesome God that You would know even me!
Chapter 32 of Genesis continued to encourage me and speak to me, as it tells about Jacob fighting for his blessing from the Lord.  As Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord he said, what my heart longs to say to the Lord, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

Lord this is what my fast is about, I am tired of the old, tired of the statuesque, and


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